Garden Spring – An EcoFriendly Farming


Volunteer Irene of 99+1 feeding chicken

The Blue Ribbon (TBR) farm project called ‘Garden Spring’, located at Kampung Batu Ampat on the way to the well-known Kota Tinggi waterfall, officially began in June 2016. Garden Spring is a diamond in the rough. However, one has to look beyond the drudgery and dirt of chicken farming. It is a metaphor for the struggles in life and ultimately the just rewards of perseverance.

Guests learning to pluck coconuts


Garden Spring’s youngest volunteers

An underutilized strip of land that is gradually quickened to life by the vision and desire to transform the community. Where some may see a mundane poultry farm we aim to inculcate the value of hard work and heart by allowing visitors to be stewards, if only for a while, of the divine gift of participation in this life; to get one’s hands muddy and tribute to beautifying and adding heart to the community.

EcoTourists from Singapore and TBR team

The Visitor’s experience in Garden Spring will involve many of the quotidian tasks involved in running a small chicken farm from cleaning to composting to some minor landscaping. All of which involves some elbow grease and sweat. The hope is that the Visitor will leave with a heart to serve and an understanding of our ethos of peace in the community.

News by: Pradeep Padmadaban (TBR Malaysia)

Chic Chic Project partner: 99+1 LLP Singapore

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An academic, advocate and facilitator in peace building, diversity and inclusion.
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