Culture Enrichment & Ecotourism Trip to Kota Tinggi


TBR’s EcoTourist guests at Kota Tinggi Waterfall

How can your tourist dollar help contribute in a small way to the environment and foment a cross cultural footprint? We make no bones of wanting to get the most out of you, but not before you will have had the rare gratification of having been part of something greater than yourselves, and what is more, on a holiday.

Immerse yourselves in the rich Malay heritage of Kota Tinggi, the birth place of the Johor Sultanate, which has echoed down through the lineage of, not just Johore’s, but the Malaysian Royal heritage. You will have the occasion to use the smatterings of Malay you may have in your linguistic arsenal, or indeed put into practice what you may have been formally learning.


Fresh coconut at Garden Spring


Dinner at Orang Asli Restaurant

From a firefly cruise to royal tombs, waterfalls to poultry farming at Garden Spring, Kota Tinggi is an anthology of history and ecology that can be experienced dazzlingly yet pleasurably all in one day.

We also offer a team building package for youths and corporates alike. One has options to either camp at Garden Spring or hideaway at the Kulim Eco resort perched prettily on the banks of the Johore river. or indulge in the domestic bliss of Home of Peace.


TBR Team briefing EcoTourists


Enjoying ‘ayam kampung’ soup at Home of Peace

Finally, how DOES your leisure contribute to the greater good, you may undoubtedly be enquiring? Well, all revenue is ploughed back into Garden Spring, which we hope will serve as a catalyst to communal improvement visually and by creating prospects for employment in the community.


News by: Pradeep Padmadaban (TBR Malaysia)

About Norani Abu Bakar

An academic, advocate and facilitator in peace building, diversity and inclusion.
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