Launching of Peace and Diversity Education

Grooming Young Refugees to be Peacemakers (June 2017 – Jan 2018) 


Training of Trainers for ElShaddai teaching-learning refugee communities

The persistent effort of ElShaddai Center Berhad (ECB) to educate young refugees in Klang has catalyst The Blue Ribbon to develop Introduction to Peace and Diversity as a subject for ElShaddai’s upper high school students. The subject was launched when its school resumed in January 2018.

The journey began with a peace and diversity weekend camp for ElShaddai E-Learning students in June 2017. Following this first encounter, its founder, Andrew Ng and Academic Director, Dr Ng Oi, decided to open invite ElShaddai’s high school teachers to TBR’s peace and diversity camp. The positive response from the teachers led TBR and ECB to run a few more peace workshops including Training of Trainers.

IMG20171105143729  IMG20171105154555

Today, ElShaddai’s teachers are collaborating with The Blue Ribbon in translating peace and diversity camp booklet into various languages. Facilitators from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sudan refugee communities are now diligently translating the booklet into Urdu, Dari and Arabic language.


ElShaddai E-Learning Students during Diversity in Ethnicity Lesson

Besides these refugees communities, TBR’s chapter in Batam has also came out with a task force to raise young peacemakers from high schools and undergraduate programs of the high learning institutions on this island. TBR is now discussing with Batam core team and its key partner, Bodynits’ Bintan Bersatu Apparel in translating the student handbook of Introduction to Peace and Diversity subject into Indonesian language.

With the energy and collaborative effort of the young peacemakers in the region, The Blue Ribbon and its partners are hopeful that love, peace and human justice will be a way of life for the coming generation!


About Norani Abu Bakar

An academic, advocate and facilitator in peace building, diversity and inclusion.
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