The Blue Ribbon Global Partners Goducate in the Philippines


In March 2019, TBR partnered with Non-governmental Organization, Goducate, by organizing two workshops in the Philippines to reach out to youth in Iloilo and engage local law enforcement officers in Laguna. The interactive workshops covered topics on peace-building, diversity, inclusion and sustainable development.

The Peace, Diversity and Inclusion Workshop was successfully held for the second time in Iloilo, Philippines in March 2019. Co-organized by The Blue Ribbon Global and Goducate, the workshop aimed to provide education and leadership training to youth. A locally based organization, Goducate, seeks to provide such opportunities to various youth groups. By facilitating the workshop, The Blue Ribbon Global hopes to partner Goducate to achieve its goal of equipping youth with necessary skills to thrive professionally. As such, The Blue Ribbon Global sent a small team to help engage with the participants and arrange activities.


The two-day workshop centered around 12 lessons aimed at teaching self-discovery and forgiveness through interactive means. Using Google Classroom and Kahoot applications (apps), we created various quizzes and games to help our team members and the participants to engage with one another. The use of these apps also highlighted to participants the benefits of interactive technology in engaging with others and organizing programs. Participants gave positive feedback on this teaching method, as forming groups helped tighten the bonds among them, promoting teamwork and social engagement to better achieve their goals.


A global aspect was introduced to the workshop through a Skype interview with the Afghan Youth Empowerment and Peace-Building team, led by its director, Ahmad Shah Karimi. The discussion surrounded the benefits and challenges brought about by the Internet and artificial intelligence (AI). One of the conclusions the group arrived at was that the Internet is ultimately a communication tool that can “set the course of the country’s future”. According to one of the team members, this was specifically so in the context of Afghanistan. The Skype interview was included to introduce global communication and topical discussion to the participants. By conversing and challenging the ideas presented, they can increase their knowledge with new perspectives.


Furthermore, Joanna de Leon, a student of the University of the Philippines, who did her intern with TBR Malaysia and UCSI University last September 2018 also organized a meeting with the Director of Student Affairs of University of the Philippines Visayas, Assistant Professor Augustin G.Huyong. TBR founder, Norani Abu Bakar met Professor Huyong to discuss on the upcoming regional gathering, TBR’s Young Peacemakers UnConference, that will be taking place during International Day of Peace September 2019 at UCSI Malaysia. The response was very positive and UP Visayas was also keen to conduct PDIE workshop at UP Visayas in October 2019.


In addition, The Blue Ribbon Global conducted a four-hour workshop at the Goducate Center in Laguna. Participants included the Goducate team and local law enforcement officers including the SWAT and police officers. The aim of the workshop was to introduce to them topics such as Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the Peace, Diversity and Inclusion. This was an opportunity to engage with Laguna at a local level through conversation and learning alongside law enforcement officers from the area. TC Laguna Director, Mr. Leo Decinal, who is also the Head of Police Community Relations for Calabarzon, is now planning to organize the two day of PDIE workshop for law enforces of the five provinces that he is responsible for.

Both workshops were a success and we were happy that the participants gave us positive feedback. The Blue Ribbon Global believes in our partnership with Goducate, as their goal to teach and equip youth with the skills to form strong leadership is key to developing the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.


Written by Dania Amani Haris

Edited by Sofina Tan.

About Norani Abu Bakar

An academic, advocate and facilitator in peace building, diversity and inclusion.
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