The Blue Ribbon Singapore international office connects the company DL2GO Global (S) LLP with other peace and reconciliation bodies from all over the world. Its centre in Singapore will be the strategic gateway to building sustainable peace and reconciliation globally.

The Blue Ribbon was launched in Malaysia. Its Malaysian company, DL2GO Global (M) Sdn. Bhd. manages training for Malaysia market. The country focuses on care for the environment. In Indonesia, its chapter is based in Batam Island.

Some of TBR key international partners are Peace Generation Indonesia, Lakeside Family Services Singapore, Blue Scarves (Afghans Peace Volunteers), Young Peacemakers Interfaith Community (Indonesia), and Pathways for Mutual Respect, USA. This peace initiative is also an affiliate of Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), North America.

Its development was made possible with the support of some high learning institutions, such as:

  • Yale University (Centre for Faith and Culture)
  • National University of Singapore (Department of Malay Studies)
  • University Gadjah Mada (Indonesian Consortium of Religious Studies)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested to set-up the Blue Ribbon chapter in your community.

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