The Blue Ribbon currently has its chapter in 3 countries; Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s Singapore office functions as its international office, registered as DL2GO Global (S) LLP in May 2015.

Its Malaysian company, DL2GO Global (M) Sdn. Bhd. manages training for Malaysia’s market since June 2013. Shortly after the company was registered, The Blue Ribbon’s peace and diversity workshop was launched on Malaysia’s 50th year anniversary.

TBR’s chapter in Indonesia is based in Batam Island. The program was first launched on this island together with Bintan Bersatu Apparel (BBA), a factory owned by Bodynits Singapore. Since the first workshop in February 2016, BBA has continued to champion peace and diversity training on this island.

Other associates of TBR are Peace Generation (Indonesia), El-Shaddai Center for Refugees (Malaysia), Young Interfaith Peacemakers Community (Indonesia), Bodynits International (Singapore), Pathways for Mutual Respect (USA) and Afghans Peace Volunteers (Afghanistan) and Projek57 (Malaysia).

TBR also receives support from a few high learning institutions for its peace and diversity program, and collaboration with Pathways Institute of Pathways for Mutual Respect, such as:

  • Centre for Faith and Culture of the Yale University
  • Department of Malay Studies of National University of Singapore
  • Yale-NUS College of National University of Singapore
  • Indonesian Consortium of Religious Studies of University Gadjah Mada, Jogjakarta
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Science of University of Malaya
  • University College Sedaya International, Malaysia


2 Responses to Chapters

  1. Damian Amazu says:

    How can I become part of your work and an Ambassador for peace? I am a peace advocate residing in USA and Nigeria.

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