Kota Tinggi, Johor 14th to 16th September 2013

The First Peace Ambassador Training of Trainers

Here comes the first cohort of Peace Ambassadors or in Bahasa Malaysia, Duta Damai. Congratulations to the first batch of trainees who came from Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Singapore. The training was enriched by vast experience and diversified backgrounds of Peace Ambassador trainers who came from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.


The trainers facilitated four key lessons related to integration of diversified community members via:

1) 3Hs – Engaging Head, Heart and Hands (2) 3Rs – Recognizing oneself, Respecting differences with others, Reconciling with one another using 3Hs (3) Understanding and applying 12 Peace Values by Peace Generation, Indonesia (4) Servant leadership.

Peace Ambassador active learning involved circle dialogues, group discussions, ice-breaking games, movie watching and outdoor service learning. Participants were broken into groups of 2 and were given ample opportunity to simulate Peace Generation’s lessons. After these exercises, trainers and co-trainers who observed their simulation exercises advised and provided guidance on how to improve their teaching sessions.

All participants were hosted by Temenin Homestay community. On the last day, they served the community together by planting bamboo along Temenin River to prevent land erosion. The training was ended with inauguration ceremony where participants iterated their promise or ‘Aku Janji’ in Bahasa Malaysia as Peace Ambassadors. They were witnessed by guests of honour including the head of Temenin Village, director of Association of High Schools Kota Tinggi, representatives from Community College and Department of river and Irrigation.

IMG_3042  IMG_0372

DL-2GO would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who was involved especially:

Senior Trainers Mr Ayi Yunus Rusyana and Mr Raki Ali from Peace Generation, co-trainer Mr Mark Lim, and Blue Ribbon trainer – Norani Abu Bakar; committee members – Vijay Lachmi, Aida Osman, Suhaila Mohd Noor, Abdul Karim; Mr Abu Bakar Hj Sakak for initiating Temenin River bamboo planting project; sponsors – DL-2GO, Community College Kota Tinggi; Datuk Dr Adham Baba and Mr & Mrs Phan of Spectaworks; Mr Anthony Rivers for video recording the event; and last but not least to Kampung Temenin Baru homestay coordinator Mr Zainoh Hj Musa and all villagers who hosted the participants and supported this training.

First Day of Training

IMG_3022     IMG_3060

Second Day of Training

IMG_3198    IMG_3153

Third Day of Training

IMG_3277 IMG_3261 IMG_3257

4 Responses to Johor

  1. John Ng says:

    Wonderful. Looks like they had fun and learn much!\

  2. Allen says:

    Congratulations to the success of this inaugural training, confident that there will be more to come!

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