Negeri Sembilan

Peace Ambassadors @ Kg. Lonek Homestay, Negeri Sembilan

21st September 2013


Cooking ‘dodol’, a Malaysian delicacy, became much more fun when Peace Ambassadors Nur Hidayah Binti Abitdin, Mark Lim and Norani Abu Bakar took turn in stirring the half-cooked dodol. This was Norani’s first visit to Kg. Lonek and this exploration trip may birth another platform for spreading peaceful values to the nation.

IMG_3323  IMG_3352

The leader of Kg. Lonek’s Homestay, Hajah Badariah Ahmad who is Hidayah’s mother was very enthusiastic to support the first Peace Ambassadors’ training in Seremban. Being the first female who pioneered Homestay project in Malaysia and an ex-headmaster of a primary school in Jempol, Seremban, Hajah Badariah’s leadership and management experience will certainly create greater momentum in attracting more youths to be Duta Damai of Malaysia.

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