Training Team

Peace and Unity in Diversity Program


Lead Trainer and Program Developer

Norani Abu Bakar

Norani’s involvement in leadership in multicultural society began during her graduate studies and fellowship years at the Centre for Faith and Culture of Yale University. She is the Asia Director of Pathways for Mutual Respect, a USA based NGO that runs intercultural and interreligious leadership training. Norani developed The Blue Ribbon (TBR) project to groom global young leaders in peace building, diversity and inclusion in 2013. Since its inception, she has trained more than 100 trainers who are now running TBR’s Peace, Diversity and Inclusion Education in seven countries in Asia.

Norani lived in Shanghai for 11 years. There, she set-up a community engagement project for the unsheltered and physically challenged which continues to run until today. She has lived in 7 different countries and was a Senior Process Engineer at Siemens Power Generation, Germany and Malaysia. Norani also completed MBA in Asian Studies and Social Leadership Singapore program by Professor Dean Williams of Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She lectured at the Centre for Transcultural Studies of Temasek Polytechnic for 6 years on subjects like Sustainable Community Development, and Transnational and Global Studies. She is now the Executive Director of UCSI Group – UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Secretariat Office, Kuala Lumpur.


Trainer and Program Developer

Justin Scott

Justin Scott is a Senior Lecturer in the International Relations department at Temasek Polytechnic, where he lectures such subjects as Cross-cultural Communication and Global Studies. In addition to lecturing, he is the Senior Corporate Trainer and Executive Training Programmes Coordinator at the Centre for Transcultural Studies. Through this capacity, Justin has developed many leadership programs and trained hundreds of young scholars and student leaders, locals and internationals. 

Prior to joining the polytechnic, he held several Sales and Marketing leadership roles for General Motors in Europe, working primarily with the Opel brand. Apart from his native country USA, Justin has lived and worked in six countries, including Singapore, where he has spent the last 6 years. In his free time, he is an avid volunteer and often brings students on local and overseas community engagements. Justin supports TBR in developing its Student Handbook for The Blue Ribbon’s Diversity and Inclusion Education which recently received the endorsement from UNHCR and used by refugee learning centres in Malaysia.

Program Coordinator and Trainer

Mohamad Saiful

For the last 15 years, Saiful has engaged, mentored and trained community leaders youth and runs his own diversity consultancy which provides corporate and community organisations strategies on harnessing the potential of diversity and implementing inclusion policies and practices. A firm advocate for social innovation and entrepreneurship, Saiful is a popular choice with youth participants in the numerous training workshops and hackathons that he led and conducted. He steered his team to 1st place at Singapore’s first hackathon on Social Resilience and runs the Hackathon Singapore FB Page. He also had a decorated career as a paramedic with the Emergency Medical Services for more than a decade. He still serves as a Warrant Officer with a Reserve Rescue Battalion leading a platoon of medics. Saiful participated in the first TBR workshop in 2013 and has been its great partner and supporter since then.



Teofy Guzon

Teofy is a registered nurse and licensed professional teacher. Her passion is to help people being maximized in their potentials to help others help themselves. This desire started during her college days when she saw the need of the people to be educated in their homes and communities so that they can be free from future diseases and hospitalizations. After college, she became actively involved in inspiring the youth to be the best students in their universities thru camps and trainings. When Goducate started in 2010, this desire grew bigger when she got the burden to help not just individuals but communities in the most marginalized areas.

She got her exposures in different Goducate Centers in Sabah, Malaysia in 2012 in training parents and teens, who are also helping their own kampongs. She also had international exposures in Singapore, Indonesia and West Malaysia in 2013 seeing various ways in helping these communities.

Currently, she works as the Training Coordinator, partnering with government and non-government organizations in helping various groups from kids to adults. She coordinates trainings for community development workers who are deployed into different parts of the Philippines and Asia. She is also the National Coordinator of GoTeens, designed to do student leadership programs for schools. She works with different individuals in creating programs that are simple and transferable to reach the youth and families.


Queenie Guibao

Queenie’s involvement in global affairs began when she represented the Philippines as an academic fellow at the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative in the United States of America where she studied Global Environmental Issues. She was also a youth ambassador to Japan under the JENESYS 2.0 Mass Media Program. She finished her bachelor’s degree in mass communication at Silliman University in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

In 2015, during her academic fellowship at the Mansfield Center in the University of Montana, she worked with 20 other youth leaders and collaborated on solutions to environmental issues across SE Asia.

Queenie is passionate to “go and educate” – to bring quality education to those who otherwise have no access to it in the poorest communities in the Philippines. As someone who went through depression and addiction, she desires to see people escape lives of hopelessness and uselessness and invests her life in developing people to reach their maximum potential and widen their influence, as she currently trains community development trainers for Goducate.

She currently serves as a Team Building Coach at GoTeams PH and a Volunteer Community Development Trainer at Goducate Training Center, Iloilo, both focused on building communities and corporations all over the Philippines and Asia.


Roberto D. Paltu-ob,Jr.

Roberto D. Paltu-ob,Jr.,is a trained Community Development Worker. His passion is to help people to live a life of usefulness and a catalyst for change in their respective communities. This desire started when he became free from the addiction of drugs and his life became meaningful. He believes that a change in a person’s life is not impossible and to become useful once more in the society is very doable.

He actively involves in camps by being one of the counselors then a staff where he met different kinds of people with different kinds of background and past.
When Goducate started in 2010, the burden grows bigger. He just not only wants to help people who have addicted to drugs but also those people who want to become useful in their communities.

He was able to be involved in Tokhang where he met people who are addicted to drugs and surrendered themselves to the government. He desires that they will live a happy and contented life together with their families where they no longer involve in buying and selling drugs like marijuana and cocaine.
He got his international exposures in Indonesia in 2012 where he trains young people and partners in running and doing Camps and in Singapore where he met people and learned ways to help them.

Currently, he is the Community Coordinator where he partners with the government and non -government organization in helping various ages from kids to adults using the different tools of Goducate in building relationship. He coordinates with the mayors, barangay officials, and church workers for training and enhancement in health care and social skills for those barangay health workers,catechists and ordinary people in a barangay so that they become an agent for change. Lastly, he has the desire to be of spiritual help to the workers and trainees inside the training center where he does one on one or group mentoring.

Environmental Care Project (CEP)

Permaculture Design Course Partners



Narsanna was on the Board of the Permaculture Association of India and served for 12 years (1986 to 1998) as Director and General Secretary of Deccan Development Society, a premier NGO working on sustainable agriculture. He is a designer and professional guide in ‘efficient water use techniques in command irrigation’. He is actively engaged in implementing Tree Based Farming Systems (TBFS) and planting 100,000 fruit plants and 3 lakh mixed forest species on 1000 tribal families’ lands under Tribal Development Program. He is a project evaluator for various natural resource management projects and networks with several national and international organizations. Narsanna will be representing Aranya Agriculture Alternatives.



Kat Lavers, a Sustainable Officer for Hobsons Bay City Council first started in this field by being a Green Office Coordinator at Monash University, Australia. She has attended various courses from Advanced Permaculture Principles with David Holmgren in 2008 and has recently attended the Science of Gardening 1 and 2 at the University of Tasmania in 2018. She is currently a member of Darebin City Council’s Environmental Reference Group as a part of her voluntarism. Kat Lavers is the second representative under Permaculture for Refugees.


Strong cross cultural and interpersonal skills, Greta Carroll exhibits this through her work experience across different cultures. Currently based in Australia as a Program Officer for Risk, Safety, and Security, Greta also had various employments from the Red Cross to be an Assessment Officer for the REACH Initiative, based in Iraq and Jordan. In addition to this, she has also worked within a permaculture community to provide the education needed to understand the works of permaculture. Greta Caroll will be one of the two representatives of Permaculture for Refugees.