DL-2GO – Corporate Information

DL-2GO Global
This newly established social enterprise was founded in Malaysia in July 2013 under the name, DL2GO Global (M) Sdn. Bhd. Its Singapore branch, DL2GO Global (S) LLP, was registered in May 2014. DL2GO is an acronym of, ‘Dual Love – To God & Others’.

Consistent to its motto, ‘Character Builds Community’, the company’s main business focuses on training and programs development related to diversity, inclusion and leadership in intercultural and interfaith context.

Some of its workshops are:

  1. Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Intercultural Understanding
  3. Interfaith Engagement & Leadership
  4. Peace and Diversity Education (for grassroots)

DL-2GO also organizes trips that enrich one’s cross-cultural experience and environmental care.

Business Objective – A social enterprise which aims at making profit while providing maximum benefit to its customers, and extending social services to the local and global communities, and the environment.

Vision – A holistic community founded on good character values.

Mission – Delivering effective consultation and training on building a cohesive diversified community through safe learning that engages heart, head, and hands.

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