TP Enactus Supports The Blue Ribbon @ Lakeside Family Services

11th August 2014


Enthusiastic young students from Temasek Polytechnic (TP) Enactus recently formed a group to support marketing of The Blue Ribbon @ Lakeside products and work. The team was led by Brandon Ho, who was an alum of TP.

EnactusTP3_August2014  EnactusTP2_August2014

IMG_8990  IMG_9008

Enactus stands for, Entrepreneurial – Action – Us. “It is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement community empowerment projects around the globe. The experience not only transforms lives, it helps students develop the kind of talent and perspective that are essential to leadership in an ever-more complicated and challenging world.”

EnactusTP3_July2014 EnactusTP2_July2014

Recently, the group participated in Enactus Project Fair at TP. The members promoted their product design, ‘Peace Loom Band’ to students who came to their booth. In September, two of TP Enactus members, Nurshahidah Azmi and Norasnah Bujang from Brunei, presented their group  marketing work to a panellist of businessmen during Enactus Singapore National Feedback session.

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The Blue Ribbon @ Lakeside Family Services, Singapore


30th April 2014


For the last three weeks, the Blue Ribbon volunteers have been working very hard commissioning a sewing workshop for the first Blue Ribbon project in Singapore. This project is hosted by Lakeside Family Services to support social development of the needy ones that are cared by this organization.

BR_Lakeside9_SingerGood  BR_Lakeside11_Good

Through this partnership, the Blue Ribbon aims to provide:

  • Lessons on sewing and crafts making
  • Training on soft skills for business and workshop management
  • Supply to small business order as part of clients’ hands-on learning experience.

Blue Ribbon also hopes that this ‘Peace Service for the Community’ (PSC) initiative will be a platform for volunteers and supporters from any background to serve together for the betterment of the local community.

The fruit of this 3-week labour was celebrated last Wednesday when all sewing machines were ready to be used by members of Mothers’ Support Group. A number of tee shirts design for Peace Ambassador’s training were also almost completed, thus production can begin next week. Blue Ribbon hopes that the small job order for the workshop can provide some income for mothers who are not able to work full time elsewhere.

BR_Lakeside20_Racheal  BR_Lakeside20_Norani

Thanks to Madam Farida Tahir and Madam Aminah Ahmad who diligently learned to use these machines from Singer in-house trainer and later transferred their sewing skills to others. Special thanks also goes to Ms Grace Ling and Madam Racheal Seah who worked very hard with sourcing and buying items for the workshop, and Ms Vivien Cheng and Ms Rabiatul Ismail for their translation and administrative work. Last but not least, thank you to Ms Meixi Ng of Amber Initiative for preparing surveys and providing computer training to Blue Ribbon’s clients last Wednesday.

BR_Lakeside14_NoraniSeeto  BR_Lakeside19_NoraniMatthew

This first Blue Ribbon sewing training session ended with Ms Norani Abu Bakar (the Blue Ribbon founder) giving away gifts donated by Madam Alison Ng, and thanking all volunteers, Mr Jason Foo and Mr Hong Hai Seeto (key supporters to this project) and bidding farewell to Mr Matthew Ting. Matthew kindly flew from Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia to Singapore and spent almost ten days to help set-up the sewing room.

BR_Lakeside15_HSHExStaff  BR_Lakeside1_300414

Another volunteer, Ms Jessie Wang, from He Long Jiang, China is also here to train Blue Ribbon clients making ‘Dragonfly’ (fridge magnet). This product is a signature design of Home Sweet Home, a social enterprise that serves the unsheltered and physically challenged people in Shanghai.

The raw materials for making these Dragonflies were generously donated by an ex-client of Home Sweet Home who is now the factory manager of this organization. Blue Ribbon hopes that other clients of Lakeside Family Services, such as the stakeholders of Family in Transition (FiT), will be inspired by his life transformation. The company will coorporate with Lakeside in providing training and helping FiT clients produce Dragonfly products during their stay at the transition homes.


To other supporters, whose names are not mentioned here, the Blue Ribbon would also like to give thanks to your generous donation and kind support, and to continue welcoming you to serve the community through this project. We also wish Norani, who continues to serve in-spite of her medical condition after her surgery, a speedy recovery.

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Duta Damai Dining Oct 2013 @ HoPe

The first Duta Damai or Peace Ambassadors candle light bonding-dinner at Home of Peace (HoPe) was made special when those who came learned to make a delicacy that was in the past, unfamiliar to them. Dim Sum! They were little and cute, but yummy.

Today, nasi lemak and roti canai are cooked in many Malaysians’ kitchen. In fact, ‘sambal petai’ and steam boat, which used to be popular among some ethnic groups only, are now becoming favourite dishes among Malaysians. However, most non-Chinese Malaysians have not yet explored cooking dim sum, a Chinese delicacy, at their home. Shrimp Dim Sum recipe that was concocted at Home of Peace is certainly easy to follow. This month, Mark Lim from Arts Malaysia, was HoPe’s guest to teach cooking. Thank you for your kind support Mark!


This ‘Diversity Dining’ is conceptualized and organized by the Blue Ribbon initiative. It will be a signature event of Home of Peace and will be organized on monthly basis. It’s objective is to enrich Malaysians’ experience in living together in a diversified community by learning about each other through cooking and dining. Its hope is to promote love, peace and respect as foundational values for nation building.

IMG_4685 IMG_4686

In December, HoPe will have Ms Angie Davis from the USA teaching Duta Damai making ginger cookies. In January, a few Japanese staff of IBM Kuala Lumpur might be coming to HoPe.

If you are interested to promote unity in diversity through cooking and dining, come and join Duta Damai by contacting us at: The coming Duta Damai or Peace Ambassadors’ training will be on 23rd and 24th November, 2013.

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Inaugaration of Peace Ambassador

Johor 16th September 2013


While Malaysians celebrated Malaysia’s 50 years anniversary, The Blue Ribbon launched its first nation building initiative at the foot of Panti Mountain in Johor, Malaysia. Twenty one participants who completed the 3-Day Training of Trainers took the oath as Peace Ambassadors or Duta Damai. The inaugaration was witnessed by Duta Damai trainers, a few local leaders from Kota Tinggi and participants’ host parents.

IMG_0363  IMG_0439

The objective of Peace Ambassador’s training is to instill peaceful values in building a diversified community that is harmonious, loving, and respectful towards one another.

IMG_0397  IMG_0385

The training that was developed by DL-2GO company was supported by Peace Generation Indonesia, Kampung Temenin Baru Homestay and Community College Kota Tinggi.


This was the first training launched by the Blue Ribbon initiative, and this initiative envisioned that a few thousand young leaders from Malaysia will participate in this training and be engaged as peace advocators in the next couple of years.


Peace Ambassadors – Cohort 50 were aspired to spread these peace values to the whole nation, following the footstep of DL-2GO’s partner, Peace Generation Indonesia, which had trained about two thousand trainers and twenty five thousand youngsters.

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