Afghan Peace Volunteers

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Blue Scarves or Afghans Peace Volunteers advocate peace and abolishment of war and borderless human family. The group mainly consists of young Afghan volunteers and ladies who are mentored by Dr Hakim Young or Teck Young, Wee a humanitarian doctor from Singapore. Dr Hakim journeyed with the young Afghans and shared his thoughts at various platforms. Blue Scarves are supported by likeminded peacemakers from Afghanistan and abroad.


The Blue Ribbon had its first contact with Blue Scarves and Dr Hakim Young through Amber Initiative’s event. Norani, the founder then became acquaintance with the youth through her first Skype conference with them.

TBR_BlueScarves1 TBR_BlueScarves2

In this event, TBR supplied ribbons to tie the blue scarves. They were sewn by home-bound mothers who worked part time at TBR’s sewing workshop. The mothers were members of Mothers Support Group, beneficiaries of Lakeside Family Services.

This voluntary group recently launched #Enough in conjunction with International Day of Peace on 21st September 2015. This is People’s Agreement to Abolish War and has been signed by citizens of more than 55 countries.

“Together, we can together abolish war. Peace is possible for the Human Family and necessary to save our planet which is our home for everyone. ”

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate Belfast, Ireland (Signatory #Enough)