Bodynits International Pte. Ltd.


BBA Bisa! Peace Ambassadors Yes! The enthusiasm shown by Bitan Bersatu Apparel, Batam, a factory owned by Bodynits Group International has always been an overwhelming one.

Bodynits is an international company that was founded in Singapore. Its business focuses on cutting edge performance and active wears. Their targeted audience are garment-savvy individuals who appreciates high quality performance apparels for sports activities like cycling, swimming, aerobics, running, dancing, etc. Some of their regular customers are Adidas and Nike.

IMG_7584 IMG_7465

IMG_7767 IMG_7769

Beginning January 2015, the company began to partner with The Blue Ribbon in running its Peace Training in Batam, Indonesia. Their partnership actually goes back more than 10 years ago when one of its co-founders, Lynn Tan, through their Bodynits China branch helped Norani, the founder of The Blue Ribbon set-up Home Sweet Home’s sewing factory in Shanghai.

BR_WorkshopVisitBodynits10  BR_WorkshopVisitBodynits21

In 2014, the company provided technical knowledge and support in technical matters for setting-up The Blue Ribbon sewing workshop at Taman Jurong. This project is hosted by Lakeside Family Services.


Its Design Director, Mr Poh who was also an associate lecturer at La Salle Design School in Singapore, generously shared his expertise in technical matter and procurement of sewing machines with Blue Ribbon Workshop committees.

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