Peace Generation

Irfan Amalee

In 2007, Irfan Amalee and Eric Lincoln co-founded Peace Generation, an Indonesian based NGO which thrives to train youth from diverse cultures and background in Indonesia to understand and to live in peace.

Peace Education by Peace Generation is complemented by fun and creative materials for youth that were authored by PG’s co-founders and Florence Farida. These materials come in 12 books, with each book advocates a Peace value, and trainer’s guide books. The books are available in Indonesia language, English and Achinese language.

PG books are well received internationally. Their books have been translated and contextualised into Tagalog and soon, will be published by DL-2GO in Malaysian language.

In addition to these books, PG also publishes other supporting education materials, and wrote a number of songs in partnership with other like minded organizations. Its most recent publication, authored by Mr Amalee, is ten PG Kids books for children under 12 years old. Its lesson plans are designed to meet Indonesia’s Ministry of Education guidelines.


PG Training in Medan organized by youth leaders from Sumatra

Since its inception, PG has trained around 1000 teachers and facilitators who teach more than 25,000 students in several areas in Indonesia, including conflict zone areas such as Aceh and Poso. PG envisions to reach another 100,000 students in Indonesia in the coming years. Most trainings that are conducted during school holidays are now led and organized by local PG trainers and supported by local universities, peace and inter-faith organizations.

In breaking down the wall of prejudice and building peace, the organization has also been actively engaging the young generation in Indonesia through Peace Kick (soccer game), Walk the Peace and Rock the Peace. They are attended by locals and likeminded international community members who are living in Indonesia and abroad.


PG senior trainers, Raqhi Ali and Ayi Yunus with participants from M’sia & S’pore

Its engaging education materials are also taught in other countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East by PG’s senior trainers. The organization was very instrumental in supporting Peace Ambassador’s inauguration in Malaysia on Malaysia Day, 16th September 2013.

1 Response to Peace Generation

  1. Betsy Maria says:

    good day.

    may i know how much is each book? i am from iligan-lanao, mindanao, philippines area and i have heard about your books. considering integrating these materials for the displaced children affected by the Marawi crisis.

    thanks and God bless.

    betsy maria

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