Kg. Temenin Baru Homestay

Our Partner for Peace Ambassadors’ Training – Temenin Homestay


Imagine living in a traditional Malay village surrounded by lushy and green mountain, breathing fresh air, pampering yourself with free and easy days, and waking-up to the sound of birds and cockerels. Such experience is only a distance away! DL-2GO welcomes you to Kampung Temenin Baru.

IMG_4830  IMG_3312

This village homestay program was the  first one that hosted Peace Ambassadors’ Training of Trainers. It is is located at km 7 of Jalan Tun Habab, a route to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls. This training was made possible with the help of Temenin Homestay coordinator, Mr Zainoh Musa, who put tremendous effort encouraging youth leaders in Kota Tinggi to participate in this training. The villagers, especially the host families who hosted the participants and trainers too are very warm and hospitable.

IMG_3242  284

Homestay is also suitable for all types of holidaymakers. One can be immersed in the quiet and peaceful lifestyle and simply rest and rejuvenate, or find something to do or learn there. A project initiated by Tourism Malaysia, Temenin Homestay also offers wide range of tourism packages: host family program, mountain climbing, cycling, eco-tourism, batik painting, and etc. Each year, Temenin Baru Homestay receives about 2500 guests from all over the world.

Other than Peace Ambassadors, DL-2GO also offers trainings such as Team Building and Innovative Service Learning at this village.

For more information on Kg. Temenin Baru, please visit Kg. Temenin Baru Homestay website.


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