Participants who have successfully completed Peace Ambassador’s 12 peace lessons and decided to advocate and live peaceful life, loving God/ doing good and loving others like themselves are invited to take the Peace Ambassador’s oath.

Peace Ambassador Workshop consists of three progressive sessions that prepares participants in living peacefully in a diversified community and in leading peace projects.

The 1st session consists of 12 peace lessons.

  • Accepting Myself
  • Positive Stereotyping
  • Diversity – Ethnicity
  • Diversity – Religion
  • Diversity – Gender
  • Diversity – Individual Needs
  • Inclusivity in Groupings
  • The Beauty of Diversity
  • Understanding Conflic
  • Rejecting Violence
  • Admitting Mistakes
  •  Forgiveness

They were adopted from Peace Generation peace lessons, and were contextualized to meet the needs of diversified global communities.

BBA Batam - Training of Trainers Graduation

BBA Batam – Training of Trainers Graduation

YPIC Indonesia Attending TBR - 3Rs

YPIC Indonesia Attending TBR – 3Rs

The 2nd session consists of 2 trainings: (1) 3Rs – Recognizing, Respecting, Reconciling, with greater focus on inter-cultural and inter-faith context (2) Training of Trainers for Peace Ambassadors Workshop.

The 3rd session is on: (1) Peace Service for the Community & the Environment (2) Pathways Institute – 1 week of intercultural and interfaith leadership training.

Pathways Institute is offered by Pathways for Mutual Respect (PFMR) an NGO from the USA. It has been organized in collaboration with the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture.

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